Will I be Taken Into Custody at my Los Angeles Criminal Defense Arraignment?

One of the biggest concerns our clients have when they appear in Court on their Los Angeles Criminal case, is whether or not they will be taken into custody. There are several ways to address these concerns prior to going into court. Addressing these issues beforehand allows our client some peace of mind, so that they can focus on the things that really matter in their lives. Our attorneys understand that this can be a major concern for many people, so we work with each of our clients to address not only the legal issues in their case, but also help to alleviate the emotional ones.

One of the ways this problem may be addressed is for your Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney to speak to the Prosecutors before appearing in Court. Our attorneys have extensive experience in Los Angeles County, and have known the Judges, Prosecutors and even the clerks for a long time. This is why it is beneficial to not only hire an attorney who has years of experience, but years of experience in the county where your case is being heard. The attorney can call the Prosecutors before case goes before the Judge, and discuss the issue of custody, and whether the Prosecutor will be making that request. This allows the Judge to be prepared.

One of the benefits of speaking to prosecutors beforehand lets the attorney know whether there will be a bail hearing or if the prosecutor will request that you be taken into custody. When such a request is made, your attorney will argue as to why that is not necessary. To make such an argument, the attorney will make the case that you are not a flight risk, and that there is no risk of injury to anyone. Knowing that this issue will be presented in Court allows the attorney, and you, to prepare beforehand.

In many misdemeanor cases, the Judge will allow the attorney to appear on behalf of the client. This means that you do not need to appear in Court on that day. You would not need to take the day off, or come down and wait in the security line early in the morning, because your attorney will do that for you. This also means, you do not have the anticipation or stress of wondering if you will be taken into custody on that day.

There are many benefits to retaining a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney to handle your case. Not only are they well versed in their field, and have an extensive understanding of the law and the procedure, but they can also help alleviate a lot of the stress you may be going through due to your case. By having someone handle the case for you, and appear in court for you, you are able to continue to focus on the things that more important in your life, and the things that really matter. Don’t hesitate, contact Hoffman and Associates today!

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