Will I Be Arrested Immediately After a Los Angeles Hit and Run?

When you may have been involved in a Los Angeles Hit and Run, the time upon which you could be arrested will vary, as will the manner in which you are arrested, if at all. The person whose property or person was allegedly damaged or injured would have to file a report. Officers would then investigate the situation and based upon their investigation would attempt to contact the person they believe may be responsible for the situation. They will contact you either by letter, by phone or in person. They will ask you to come into the police department and speak to them, answering questions they may have.

The information officers gather through their investigation and from speaking with you will be what evidence will be used to build the case against you. This is why it is extremely crucial to contact a Los Angeles Hit and Run Lawyer that can give you the best possible representation.

A Hit and Run professional’s work begins as soon as you have retained their office. It is highly recommended that you speak to and retain a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer as soon as the incident occurs, even before you have been contacted by the police department.

Two of the most beneficial components of resolving a Hit and Run case is cooperation and compromise. Your lawyer will contact the allegedly aggrieved party and learn the facts. They will then try to make amends with the aggrieved party so that they are “made whole”. Your lawyer will then contact the police department and have you voluntarily make a statement. Showing the police department that you are cooperating with them, and showing them that you have compromised and made amends with the party claiming victim, will help push your case towards dismissal.

Lets consider an example. Donny was driving home from work on a rainy and windy night when he accidentally took a sharp turn and hit a parked car. He quickly left a note on the windshield and went home for the night. In the note he put down his name and number and told the owner of the car to contact him so that they could figure out the damage. However, unbeknownst to Donny, the wind blew the note away and the owner of the car never got it. The owner went into the police department to report it and officers began their investigation. Donny, being responsible had gone back to the where the car was the next day to check for his note and leave another one. This time he managed to get the owner and their contact information. Through the use of his Hit and Run attorney, Donny was able to resolve the damage, and went into the station to make a statement to officers showing that he had not intended to leave, and he had in fact left a note. The owner of the vehicle corroborated Donny’s statement and felt that there was no need for Donny to be charged. Officers agreed and dismissed the case.

There are significant benefits to taking action before you have been arrested or contacted by the police. Do the best thing for yourself and contact our office today for a free consultation!

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