What is entailed in a Los Angeles Juvenile Criminal Case?

Juvenile court in Southern California has jurisdiction over persons committing criminal offenses under the age of 18. Juvenile courts are conducted differently from adult criminal courts and carry with it certain drawbacks and benefits in comparison. An experienced Criminal Defense attorney that has handled over thousands of juvenile cases will know the differences and will be knowledgeable in a minor’s rights in criminal cases; not only those of adults.

Minors appearing before a judge in criminal court have the same Constitutional Rights as those tried in Criminal court. However, juveniles do not have the right to a jury trial. The focus of Juvenile court is to protect youths from the severe potential consequences of the adult criminal justice system and to rehabilitate youthful offenders instead of merely punishing them for their crimes. Consequently, a potential sentence for a minor in juvenile court will not be state prison, but often group homes, detention camps, or the juvenile equivalency of prison.

Each criminal charge will also have a separate guideline for sentencing when it comes to minors. However, some crimes will render a youth unprotected by the severe consequences of the adult justice system. Specific categories such as murder, rape, robbery and mayhem allow the District Attorney to try a youth as an adult.

It is important that a minor’s rights are protected in court, especially when they could potentially be sentenced under the adult criminal justice system. An attorney who understands the rights and intricacies of juvenile offenses can ensure that the minor’s rights are recognized and protected in the court of law. Ronald Hoffman as handled over thousands of cases in which he has prepared a powerful argument on behalf of the youth in court, not only keeping the client out of the adult criminal system but oftentimes getting the case dismissed. Assure that you get the best representation possible and the peace of mind you deserve. Contact our office for a consultation without cost or obligation!

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