What is a Los Angeles Bond Hearing?

When a person has been arrested and taken into custody for an alleged criminal violation, a bail amount is set. A bail amount is a monetary amount set by the court that can be paid in exchange for a person to be released from custody.

If a person has not been released from custody before their first appearance in court, known as the arraignment, a bond hearing can also be requested. The Judge will hear a bond hearing, at the same time as the arraignment. The purpose of the bond hearing is to present an argument asking the criminal Judge to reduce the amount set for bail. In cases where there is no bail set, the person charged may present evidence and an argument that will convince the Judge to allow bail.

The Judge will take into consideration two very important issues when determining the amount set for bail. They will look into whether the person is a flight risk and whether they are a danger to society. If it seems like either or both issues will be a problem, the Judge will oftentimes deny the person bail. A powerful argument can be made by providing the court with evidence that goes to show that the person is neither a flight risk nor a danger to society.

A bail hearing is not mandatory and it has to be requested by the person or by their Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney. Many people are not in custody at the time of their first court appearance. Oftentimes, they are able to pay the bail through the use of a bail bondsman, who can help.

A knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can help you get released from custody. If the bail is set at an amount that is too high, or is denied, an experienced attorney can help prepare a powerful defense to allow the Judge to change the order to a lower bail amount, allowing you to be released.

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