What Happens When I am Charged with a Failure To Appear in Los Angeles?

When a person is asked by the Court to appear on a certain date, it is extremely important that they adhere to the request. If it is absolutely implausible for them to be able to make the scheduled hearing, they must take steps to inform the court or to change the date.

When the scheduled appearance is missed, a Bench Warrant is issued on the person who failed to appear. A Bench Warrant is an order made by the Judge that allows law enforcement to pick up the person and bring them before the Judge to explain their failure to appear. This allows police to bring you into court if you are pulled over for any routine stop, and give them the right to come to your house and take you to court.

A failure to appear can become a serious issue, if not taken care of right away. It not only gives off a negative impression of a person, but also causes unnecessary hassle in your life.

A Bench Warrant may be cleared by appearing before the Judge and explaining the reasons as to why the person charged was unable to make it to court for the scheduled appearance. If the Judge is satisfied with the explanation, he or she may recall the warrant. This means that there is no longer an order allowing officers to take you into court.

An Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can appear on behalf of a person to recall a Bench Warrant. With a powerful argument, paired with some strong evidence, a Judge, in many cases, recalls a warrant without hassle. By presenting a person in a positive light and a productive member of society, the Judge sees the person as more than just another case. That is the goal for each and every one of our clients at Hoffman and Associates.

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