What Does it Mean to Plead No Contest in a Los Angeles Theft Case like Lindsay Lohan?

This week Lindsay Lohan pleaded no contest to her Theft Case pending before the Criminal Judge in Los Angeles. The judge has already sentenced Lohan to 120 days in jail regarding her probation violation. She will likely serve about two weeks for the petty theft charge and probation officials may allow her to serve the time at home wearing an electronic surveillance bracelet.

A no contest plea, Nolo Contendere in Latin, essentially means “I do not wish to contend” the charges. It states that the defendant does not plead guilty to the charge, but doesn’t wish to dispute it either. It carries with it the same consequences as a guilty plea, but the charge may not later be used against the defendant in any civil proceedings. With a no contest plea, the person charged is subject to any and all penalties that may come with a guilty plea, including fines, jail time, and probation.

The option of pleading No Contest is available to all defendants. Many times it comes as part of a plea bargain. An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can discuss the facts of your case and your concerns to help determine whether no contest is a plea you should consider.

Additionally, Lohan was not required to appear in court, her attorney was able to come to court and make the plea on her behalf. A Criminal Defense attorney can do the same for their clients, whether you are a celebrity or not. This relieves the pressure for many clients and allows them to be where they need to be, without the stress of court.

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