What are my Options if I Cannot Afford a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you have been arrested on suspicion for a criminal offense, it is in your best interest to seek the counsel of an experienced legal counsel. There are two options when it comes to retaining legal counsel; securing the help of a public defender, or hiring a private criminal defense attorney.

A public defender is a court appointed lawyer who will help defend you in your case for a cost that is reasonable in comparison to your income. Whereas a public defender is in the courtroom every day and knows the prosecutor and Judges really well, they are also incredibly swamped with a caseload.

Lets consider Peter, the public defender. He works in the Courtroom and sees about 30 to 40 clients a day. As the Prosecutor speaks to each client, Peter has about 10 minutes to speak to each person about their case. He doesn’t get the opportunity to call around to friends and family, to look into the background of your case and to discuss the details of the facts with you. All of these are extremely important to your case and to the successful outcome of your case.

Private defense attorneys are generally busy, but they have the option to pick the cases they can competently handle and are able to dedicate time to. They are not given hundred of cases by the Judge. Private criminal defense attorneys do cost more than a public defender but many of them have many different reasonable options.

The Law Offices of Ronald Hoffman set up affordable and reasonable payment plans. Although it is general procedure for attorneys to require a retainer, our office works with you to set up a payment plan so that you can pay as you can afford it, while you still receive competent and professional legal help.

In order to prepare a good case for you, the attorney must do some research into your criminal past, and discuss with the Prosecutor the facts of your case and what negotiation he may offer. The attorney will also request and review the police report, arrest report and any audio or visual tape that may be available. The attorney will also prepare using the evidence he has gathered for a DMV hearing if it is applicable. A public defender will not prepare or represent a client at the DMV hearing, the client must represent themselves or hire private counsel.

If you are currently having a difficult financial time, it does not mean that you have to go without excellent legal representation. Consult with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney that understands your situation and the importance of having an attorney represent you. The attorney can sit down and discuss with you a reasonable payment plan that will allow for you to achieve all your goals without adding additional stress to your life.

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