Value of a City Attorney Hearing in a Los Angeles Domestic Violence Case

When you have been arrested for a Domestic Violence charge in Los Angeles, it can be a very stressful time. Not only do you have some emotional stress with everything going on, you also have the added stress of dealing with the criminal court system. When you hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer, you help alleviate that stress. Your retained attorney will appear in court on your behalf, they will negotiate with the prosecutors and they will gather and prepare the evidence needed to reduce or dismiss your case.

One of the ways a Los Angeles Domestic Violence lawyer can help you is to conduct a City Attorney hearing. A city Attorney hearing is an opportunity for both parties of a domestic violence case to demonstrate that it was an isolated incident, and that they are working towards resolution to help prevent such an incident from occurring again. One such way to demonstrate this to the Court is to go into counseling. A successful City Attorney hearing can result in a dismissal or reduction of your case.

Having an attorney working on your case assures that the proper preparation is done, and the right evidence is gathered. In a domestic violence case there are usually no witnesses, making it a difficult case of “he said, she said”. The attorney will work with you to take steps to mitigate future issues, and then will properly and strategically present this evidence to the Court. The goal is to get your case dismissed.

A City attorney hearing is not automatically scheduled. It requires careful negotiation and discussion by the Domestic Violence specialist. With the right circumstances, court are willing to allow a city attorney hearing because their goal is to resolve cases as soon as possible and keep the system moving. Let’s consider an example.

Our firm had a case in which there was an altercation between a father and daughter. The father was eventually arrested and charged with domestic violence. Our firm contacted the City attorney’s office and requested a hearing before any convictions were given so that there was an opportunity to resolve the matter. The negotiations were successful and the charges were dismissed.

With extensive experience and an outstanding track record with domestic violence cases, it is highly beneficial to have a Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney on your side. Not only will the attorney take charge an negotiation efficiently on your behalf, but they will fight for you and help reduce the stress you have in your already busy life.

Having a domestic violence conviction on your record can have many consequences to your life. It could affect your employment, your education and your financial situation. Act quickly to help prevent negative consequences and a permanent mark on your record. Speak to one of our attorneys today. With free consultations and affordable payment plans, there is no reason to wait. Making one call could save you a lifetime of hassle and stress!

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