The Many Different Types of Los Angeles Theft Offenses

The purpose of this blog is to bring to attention of the reader, the many different forms of theft with which a person can be charged with in Los Angeles. It is common for people to oversimplify theft as just stealing. However, the California Penal Code breaks down a theft charge into subcategories, each with the potential to be a misdemeanor or felony with varying potential consequences.

Some of our clients are charged with theft when stealing personal property, or because they refuse to return property that has been entrusted to them. Other clients of Hoffman and Associates have been charged with theft when an identification card or credit card has been falsely used or without authorization. A person can also be charged with theft when they intentionally misrepresent their actual identity to someone with authority when asked to provide identification.

Our team of highly skilled lawyers also represents clients who have been charged with theft in the form of embezzlement. Embezzlement is when a person in a position of trust uses that trust to exploit resources. Additionally, theft may be committed when a person or company collects payment to complete a service or purchase equipment but fails to use it for the hired purpose.

The California Penal Code lists many more acts under which a offender may be charged with theft. An experienced Criminal Defense attorney, such as Ronald Hoffman, is not only knowledgeable with all the various types of theft, but has handled each of these types of cases in the criminal courts throughout Los Angeles.

Our firm’s thirty years of experience is reflected in the strategic defense and zealous advocacy with which we fight your case. We pride ourselves in our goal to passionately argue your case to get you the best possible outcome, as we have done so for thousands of satisfied clients. Let us handle your case with the diligence and confidence you deserve from your criminal attorney.

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