Should I Plead Guilty to a San Diego Misdemeanor?

Many people come into our office and ask if they should accept an offer from the Prosecutor and plead guilty to a misdemeanor. Many people believe that pleading guilty will help the problem go away faster as they do not have to make additional trips to Court, and it will save them the expense of hiring a San Diego Criminal Defense lawyer.

Whereas this is true, the problem does not, in fact, go away. Certainly, the person has no additional expenses, and they do not have to stress about coming to Court and addressing the charge. However, the conviction will remain on their record.

Having a misdemeanor charge on your record will impact your life in ways that are a lot more serious than the stress of appearing Court and hiring an attorney.

Many young adolescents get charged with simple misdemeanors. These young adults have worked hard throughout college and have also held a job, only to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. In these situations, when they go to apply for grad school or additional school, they find that they must list and explain any criminal charges.

Having a charge on your record also reflects badly upon a person’s character when they go to apply for jobs. An employer will ask that you explain the misdemeanor, and it may show up in many background checks.

Oftentimes, for people who have nothing on their criminal record, and for those who have a minimal record, a misdemeanor can be dismissed or reduced to an infraction through the use of powerful negotiation and defense.

Experienced attorneys who have been practicing in Southern California for 30 plus years know the Prosecutor’s, the nature of Judges as well as clerks and other Courtroom personnel very well. They know what the best argument would be in which courtroom before which prosecutor.

The knowledgeable attorneys at Hoffman & Associates prepare each person’s case in a positive light, so that the Courtroom sees the person as a part of society, and not just another case number. It is important to present the person’s contributions to community, their dedication to work, friends and family and their participation in extracurricular activities. By demonstrating that the charge is a mere slip of judgment, and not worth prosecuting to the full extent of the law, San Diego attorneys have successfully reduced and even dismissed many misdemeanor charges.

Don’t let a misdemeanor become a part of your record when it can easily be dismissed or reduced. A conviction will remain on your record, and will look unfavorably upon your character, even when it is barely an adequate representation of who you are and your role in society.

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