Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer with my Los Angeles Criminal Case?

The practice of law includes many  different areas and fields. Many people believe that because a lawyer has gone through law school, that they are well versed in all areas of the law. This could not be further from the truth. Like many other fields of work, law is something that an attorney gets better at with experience.

Experience goes a long way to help the attorney fine tune his practice, but also develop a reputation within the field he practices. For example, a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney is going to be in criminal courts for a majority of the week. The attorney is going to be familiar with the Judges, the Prosecutors and the police officers that he or she comes into contact with quite frequently. An attorney who practices criminal law will attend criminal law education seminars,  networking events and will be a part of the criminal defense section of the local bar.

A criminal attorney will come across the same code sections in many of their cases, as well as defenses and strategies that work. In short, if you are facing criminal charges, you are in the best position possible if you retain the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. It does not make sense to hire a estate planning attorney to handle your criminal case. The estate planning attorney will not be familiar with the courts, the procedures or the people involved, just like a criminal defense attorney will not be readily familiar with the practice of estate planning.

Similarly, when you are facing criminal charges, you may also face immigration charges. It does not give you the best position if you are consulting with your criminal attorney regarding immigration charges. If you are not a United States citizen, then there may be potential immigration consequences. That is why,  it is very important to also retain an Immigration attorney. The Immigration attorney will then work with your Criminal defense lawyer to ensure that there are no negative consequences for you in either arena.

It is a good idea to cover all of your bases when you are facing criminal charges. It is likely that there may not be any immigration consequences, but it is in your best interest to be sure that you will not be facing any surprises later on.

If you are not a United States citizen and are facing criminal charges, do not rely on your criminal defense attorney to teach you about the important consequences you may face. Your criminal attorney is well versed in the criminal area of practice and is familiar with the Judges and courts that pertain to criminal law. Trust the lawyer to guide you through the criminal charges, and consult with an immigration attorney regarding your immigration consequences.

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