How to Mitigate the Consequences of a Multiple Charge Criminal Offense in Los Angeles

If you have been arrested by officers under the suspicion of having violated a criminal offense, chances are you may be charged. This is not always the case. Oftentimes a person may be arrested, but upon review of the evidence and facts, prosecutors choose not to file formal charges.

In certain situations however, not only do prosecutors determine that there is sufficient evidence to file charges against a person, they find that several charges are appropriate. This happens often in Los Angeles Hit and Runs and Los Angeles DUIs. A person who has been charged may also be simultaneously charged with additional offenses such as insurance fraud, probation violation, or even a failure to appear. If you are being charged with several offenses, it is important to remember that each charge is its own case. They may be consolidated, but you must address and argue each individual case.

As with each criminal charge, there are available defenses and arguments. A case must be prepared and defended separately in court.

The ultimate goal with multiple charges is to consolidate them, or have at least one of the charges reduced or dismissed altogether. There are several ways to prepare your case so that it has the best possible chances of being dismissed.

First and foremost, proper evidence must be gathered in order to fully understand the evidence that may be brought against you and the evidence that may help support your argument. Sometimes there is a mistake in the police report, or in the arrest report that can be proven wrong. Let’s consider an example.

Dan was charged with a felony hit and run, as well as insurance fraud. Officers claimed that Dan had hit a pedestrian, abandoned his car and then reported it lost to the insurance company. Officers stated that Dan was present at the site of the accident and it was confirmed through eyewitness testimony. However, Dan was at his friend’s house, and his car had, in fact, been stolen a week prior. Dan had reported it stolen PRIOR to the accident.

Careful reading and reviewing of the evidence would help find the discrepancy, and lead to additional investigation and research to demonstrate it’s falsity. This would help drop the charge of insurance fraud, which is a serious fraud in and of itself.

An experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney knows exactly where to look first to determine whether there have been any mistakes made on the case. In addition, a Criminal Defense lawyer that has been practicing for over thirty years has built valuable contacts in the courts of Los Angeles, as well as with the prosecutors, officers and Judges. This allows for quick and efficient negotiations with the right person to move the case along and work towards resolution, especially if an evidentiary mistake has been made.

If you are facing multiple criminal offenses, do not hesitate, contact a Legal Professional as soon as possible. This could make the difference between a dismissal and a conviction!

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