Los Angeles Arrests for Protesting

Many people have recently been arrested in Los Angeles for protesting. When a person has been arrested for protesting, there is a fine balance between what will qualify as a criminal charge against them, and what actions will fall under their First Amendment right to free speech.

A person who has been charged for protesting is generally charged under California Penal Code §647. Under California Penal Code §647 defines which actions can be constituted as disorderly conduct. The code sections also outlines a potential range of consequences if a person is convicted under this statute.

A person who is convicted may face a fine of up to $1,000.00, and jail time of up to six months. There may also be some probation. A charge under PC §647 is a misdemeanor. This means that if you are convicted it will remain on your criminal record.

Many people who are arrested and charged for protesting are often students, and often people who have no prior records. They are applying to educational institutions and jobs, and a criminal record is not helpful on their record. This is where the help of Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers comes into play.

Currently we are helping many people with arrests for protesting, and preparing strong arguments and defenses to combat against such a delicate charge. A person has the right to protest under the First Amendment of the United States of America. However, this right is not absolute, it must be weighed carefully in each specific situation. If a protester is blocking roads, or highways or obstructing peace, then it may trump their right to protest.

We understand how important it is for you to make your voice heard, but at the same time, how important it is to make sure that your record remains clear so that you have no trouble in obtaining admission to the educational facility of your choice of the job that you are looking for.

Our goal is to get the charge dismissed completely or get it reduced. With artful negotiation and a strong defense, a charge may be reduced to an infraction. If the charge cannot be dismissed, the second-best option is to get it reduced to an infraction. Unlike a misdemeanor, an infraction does not go on your record. There is no probation or jail time with an infraction. It is akin to a traffic ticket, and only carries with it a minimal fine.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have been charged for protesting and exercising your first amendment rights, do not hesitate to contact with a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney. It is important that you know your rights, and can protest without the threat of a criminal record. Let us fight for you and make a powerful argument that ensures that your record remains free and clear and that you are able to confidently apply to the jobs and educational institutions that you want to, without the anxiety of having a criminal record.

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