Does my Juvenile need a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to Represent Them?

When you are faced with juvenile charges in a criminal court, you are facing unfamiliar procedures and law. It is always effective and necessary to seek the help of a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney when attempting to navigate the complicated waters of the Los Angeles juvenile court system.

The Los Angeles County juvenile system faces excessive caseloads and with budget cuts constantly in play, the county has fewer and fewer public defenders to help represent juveniles in their cases. Each defender only has a few minutes to spend with each of their clients the morning of their case. There is no time for substantial negotiation or preparation for each case. Due to the fact that juvenile cases continue to grow, yet the county continuously cuts back on public defenders, the result is a growing caseload for each attorney.

When your son or daughter has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, it is imperative that their rights are properly protected under the Constitution, and they are afforded competent legal representation caring enough to become familiar not only with the prosecution’s case as set forth in the police report, but a complete understanding of the minors side. Any defenses and witnesses that can serve as a basis for a favorable result, if not a complete dismissal must be carefully reviewed.

It is highly recommended that if your child is facing criminal charges, that you seek out private legal representation and speak to a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney. A private criminal defense professional will only take on cases as their time permits. They have the experience necessary to skillfully negotiate with prosecutors, and prepare their case with adequate time. With the proper defenses and exhibits, the attorney has time to seek a significant reduction in your case, or in some situations, a dismissal.

You are not sharing your attorney with many other clients who have cases the same morning as you. Working out an excellent solution for you is the most important thing in the attorney’s representation of his client. Quite often, the level of specialization and experience found in Los Angeles juvenile attorneys far exceeds that provided by the juvenile court. If you find yourself in this situation be sure to consult with a legal professional that not only specializes in Juvenile cases, but has over thirty years of experience!

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