Is It Beneficial to Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney for my Los Angeles Offense?

There are thousands of attorneys practicing criminal defense throughout California. The law is the same throughout the state, as is the criminal procedure and court system, so why does it matter if you have a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to handle your Los Angeles Criminal case? Because reputation, knowledge, and relationships play a big deal in the outcome of your case.

When an attorney has been practicing in Los Angeles, specifically the court house in which your case is being heard, for over thirty years, there is a benefit to your case. That attorney knows the prosecutors, the clerks, and the Judges. In turn, the prosecutors, and the Judges know the attorney. They know what to expect, what to anticipate, and how to best resolve the case in the most efficient way possible.

The attorneys at Hoffman & Associates have built a reputation with the officers. They are proactive and efficient when it comes to certain offenses. The attorney’s will reach out to the officers to give statements, to cooperate and work with them on the investigation. Officers now know our firm as having this reputation. When they see our name on paperwork, or that a person is being represented by our firm, they expect efficient resolution, cooperative clients and knowledgeable attorneys, They appreciate that, and are more willing to work with our firm to help reduce or dismiss cases.

Our attorneys also know the prosecutors. They know which prosecutor will offer what type of plea bargain, and when to plead guilty, or when to push back. For example, if there is a prosecutor in the Arraignment courtroom (the first appearance you will make in your criminal case), that is particularly inflexible with sentencing, then the attorney will know that. The attorney will plead not guilty and push for Pre Trial ( the second appearance in your criminal case). If the Pre Trial prosecutor is more flexible and willing to negotiate, then that is the point the attorney will bargain and fight for the best possible outcome. However, if an attorney does not know that, they cannot determine whether the deal being given is a good one, or if they should move on to the next phase of the criminal process.

Having a good working relationship with the courts is also beneficial when it comes to retrieving discovery. Discovery is your police reports, and surveillance reports, and any other evidence the prosecutor may use against you. It can be difficult to obtain this information, but when the prosecutor’s office and your attorney have a working relationship, it is efficient and easy for your attorney to have the evidence right away to review, even before your first court appearance. This way, your attorney can be well prepared with strategy and argument before they ever step into the courtroom.

Don’t be fooled by low cost attorneys practicing all over California. There is a difference when your attorney knows the courtroom, and it can make all the difference in your case!

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