How Does a Los Angeles Criminal Charge Affect my Immigration Status?

A criminal charge may have very serious consequences on your immigration status, if you are not a natural born citizen. In many situations your Legal Permanent Status may be revoked, and as a much more serious consequence, you may be deported.

The Immigration and Naturalization Act outlines certain categories of offenses that may warrant deportation. Certain crimes pertaining to crimes of moral turpitude may be grounds for deportation. Crimes of moral turpitude are those that would offend the average person. An attorney who has handled thousands of cases involving immigration issues is familiar with the consequences and understand the importance of your Immigration status. The California criminal law as it relates to Immigration law is complicated and subjective, thus leaving room for a powerfule argument and defense which allows for a persons immigration status to remain unchanged.

Additionally, certain offenses, such as drug offenses, domestic violence or aggravated assault may also be ground for revocation of immigration status. More often than not a felony will have much more serious consequences than a misdemeanor on your immigration status.

If you are not a natural born citizen and have been charged with a criminal offense it is more important than ever to hire an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney to protect your rights and ensure that you are given a fair trial before a final judgment is reached. At Hoffman and Associates our skilled attorneys work closely with a highly recommended Immigration attorney to reach the best possible outcome for your case so that not only does your record remain clean, but your immigration status remains secure. Don’t risk your future and well being, hire someone with over thirty years of experience and your best interests in mind. Contact our office today for a no obligation consultation!

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