How do I Reduce or Dismiss the Charges on my Los Angeles Criminal Case?

If you have been charged with criminal charges in Los Angeles, you have not yet been convicted. Being charged simply means that officers believe you could be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but until you enter a plea of guilty, or are found guilty by a jury, you are innocent.

Fortunately, with proper negotiations and preparation, there are many opportunities to avoid the charges altogether. But how do you know what to argue, and when to do it? This is why an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, like those at Hoffman and Associates are extremely beneficial when it comes to fighting the charges against you.

One way an experienced legal professional can fight for you is through negotiations. The key is that negotiations are most beneficial when they take place prior to a case having been filed. When you are arrested, an officer prepares a report of the incident. The officer then sends his or her report to the prosecutor’s office. The prosecutor then reviews the facts and makes a determination whether there is enough evidence to file formal charges. Once formal charges are filed, you are given a date to appear in Court. That date is your arraignment.

The key is to contact the prosecutor’s office before formal charges are filed and to present an argument or evidence that deters the prosecutor from filing charges. For example, in a Los Angeles Hit and Run case, a criminal defense lawyer may seek to make amends and pay restitution to the aggrieved party right when charges are filed, or sometimes, even before. Then the attorney prepares what is called a Civil Compromise and presents it to the prosecutors. A Civil Compromise essentially attests that all amends have been made, the aggrieved party has been made whole, and no longer wishes to press charges. It is then signed by both parties. This helps persuade prosecutors that there is no need to move forward, that the person who caused the harm or injury has been proactive and made things right.

Similarly, in other case, a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney has ties and contacts within the prosecutor’s office, as well as the police department. They are able to reach the prosecutors directly and negotiate right away before the case is ever even filed.

If the case is never filed, the charges against you have been dropped. There will be no conviction or charge on your record. This is always the ultimate goal. The key, however, is to have someone on your team that knows how to present the evidence and arguments for successful negotiations. They must also have contacts that allows them to directly speak to prosecutors and officers prior to the first day in court. This is what you get when you hire a reputable, and experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer. They will be prepared, will have the knowledge, and will fight for you, so that your case has the best possible chances of being dismissed.

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