How Can California Criminal Defense Attorneys Help Me?

If you are facing a criminal case, then the first thing you should do is consult with a criminal defense attorney to learn about your options and what the best way to defend your case will be. Criminal defense law firms across the state provide thousands of individuals with assistance with the defense of criminal charges every year. Criminal defense attorneys are skilled in handling many different types of criminal cases, from theft cases to California drunk driving cases, and can help you decide what the most effective defense options will be based on the circumstances of your particular case.

Criminal defense attorneys often specialize in specific types of criminal cases so that they can focus their energy on learning the best methods and procedures for defending those particular cases. For example, the defense of California DUI cases requires that the attorney understand the science behind the chemical testing procedures, have in-depth knowledge of the applicable administrative and criminal laws, and be familiar with common field sobriety tests used by police officers during DUI traffic stops. Acquiring this knowledge takes many years of practice and new rules and regulations are being introduced regularly which have to be taken into consideration for any DUI defense.

Criminal defense attorneys also know the best way to present evidence of extenuating circumstances to get criminal charges reduced or dismissed. In some cases, the tiniest element of a case can be the most significant case against a criminal conviction for the defendant, but without adequate representation by a competent criminal defense attorney, the defendant would not have known the importance of that evidence. The attorney will also know the legal procedures that can be used to get certain types of evidence excluded from consideration during the trial. There are many different ways that criminal defense attorneys can help you with the defense of a criminal case.

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