What Happens After a Los Angeles Hit and Run Arrest

A Hit and Run does not always lead to an immediate arrest. Oftentimes, you receive a letter from the police department, a phone call ,or even a personal visit. This does not mean you have been charged with a Hit and Run, it just means that the police have launched an investigation into a case of Hit and Run. Just because you have not been charged however, do not mean you should not seek the help of a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer, even during the investigation phase.

If you have been officially and formally arrested for a Hit and Run, it may not lead to any time in custody. You can be charged and be given a notice to appear in Court at the arraignment date. This is not an optional court appearance, or one you can make by mailing in a notice. If you do not appear in Court on or before the day you are required to appear, you could be arrested for contempt of court and/or failure to appear.

Just as the officers will do their investigation in a Los Angeles Hit and Run case it is very important that you do your research and investigate the facts as well after you have been arrested. This includes reviewing the site of the accident, to speak to any injured parties or owners of property that has been damaged and reviewing claims made by witnesses. This is extremely crucial to your case. Unlike other criminal offenses, dealing with the facts early on in a Hit and Run case, as well as beginning early preparation of defenses and argument can often avoid a charge altogether.

For example, Dina had been arrested for a Hit and Run for causing injuries to a pedestrian. When Prosecutors arrested her they charged her with a felony Hit and Run because they felt that the injuries to the pedestrian were significant. Dina was lost and confused, as well as stressed out so she immediately spoke to a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer who got to work on gathering reports and medical records. Upon detailed investigation, the lawyer finds that the total cost of medical bills was only $600.00. This makes it hard to create an argument that the pedestrian suffered significant injuries.

Similarly, research and investigation can help lead to a reduction or dismissal of a Hit and Run case. But without doing any kind of legwork and without knowing the intricacies of the legal system can make it difficult to negotiate a case. Oftentimes, people do not know what arguments can be made, and do not have access to information and evidence that can help develop a strong argument. If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing Hit and Run charges, you should seek the help of a legal professional. This is not something you want to brave alone, make sure you have someone fighting for you and on your team!

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