Fighting For The Rights of Juveniles in The Los Angeles And San Diego County Juvenile Court’s

It is essential to effectively and successfully navigate the complicated waters of the Los Angeles and San Diego County juvenile Court system that one understands the forces that influence judicial rulings as well as court procedures and the extreme power and control of each counties probation department.

Both of these counties are faced today with excessive caseloads each day, budget cutbacks by the county resulting in fewer public defenders trying to adequately represent large caseloads of clients each day. This translates into a few short minutes to understand each case and advocate a solution through negotiation with the prosecutor. This less than thorough representation reduces clients cases to numbers instead of clients. Here lies the challenge of minors being represented by public defenders or court-appointed attorneys.

When your son or daughter has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, it is imperative that their rights are properly protected under the Constitution, and they are afforded competent legal representation caring enough to become familiar not only with the prosecution’s case as set forth in the police report, but a complete understanding of the minors side. Any defenses and witnesses that can serve as a basis for a favorable result, if not a complete dismissal must be carefully reviewed.

A very worthwhile alternative to just appearing in court and accepting a public defender or court-appointed lawyer, is to seek out private legal representation and advice. Fees must be paid to an attorney, but the value is often worth it. When you hire a Southern California Criminal Defense attorney with extensive juvenile criminal defense experience, you’re minor son or daughter will be protected by the lawyer, by carefully scrutinizing the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case, and will seek both charge and sentence reductions, and maybe even a complete dismissal in an appropriate case.

You are not sharing your attorney with many other clients who have cases the same morning as you. Working out an excellent solution for you is the most important thing in the attorney’s representation of his client. Quite often, the level of specialization and experience found in Los Angeles and San Diego County juvenile attorneys far exceeds that provided by the juvenile court.

Our firm has represented clients in Los Angeles and San Diego juvenile courts for many years. We are familiar with the unique procedures which requires an attorney to use his skill and expertise in minimizing the potential consequences that a juvenile courts criminal conviction can have upon the minors freedom and otherwise good record.

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