Factors to Consider When Looking to Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

When people are arrested for a crime, they are often scared and stressed out about what potential consequences they face. Hiring a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can help ease the worry knowing that a trained professional is protecting your rights and fighting to minimize any penalties. However, how does a person know that they have spent their hard earned money on a good attorney, and one that will get them the results that they want? When meeting with attorneys, there are several questions you should ask them before you put down any payments.

One of the most important factors that should be considered is the Criminal defense attorney’s experience the attorney has. Is your case the first that he or she is handling, or have they done the same type of case thousands of times? Ask the attorney how long they have been practicing in that particular field and how many cases they generally handle similar to yours. When an attorney is experienced they have seen the many different variations of possible facts, potential defenses and the most successful strategy and argument for the case. With this experience, they have the knowledge and expertise to proceed in a manner that will guarantee success.

Experience will also help build a solid reputation for the attorney among prosecutors, judges and courtrooms. They are familiar with the different styles of Judges and prosecutors and are able to proceed with cases accordingly. For example, if certain prosecutors are known to lean towards negotiation and will be flexible with terms, the attorney will know not to accept the first plea bargain made by that prosecutor, and will instead counter with another offer. Similarly, some Judges are known to be harder on those with prior criminal records, but an attorney who is familiar with the Judge’s practice will come prepared with documents or evidence to offset the prior criminal record.

Another consideration should be for previous clients and client testimonials. What do other clients have to say about the services and responsiveness of the attorney? Did he or she promptly return calls, or did it take them a few weeks to get back to questions? The best way to get a neutral answer is to speak to clients who have used the attorney’s services. Ask them how well they felt that the attorney helped answer their questions, and made them feel less stressed and worried about their case. Check with them how hard they felt that the attorney protected their rights and fought for their case to be reduced or dismissed. You can also check the California Bar website to see if an attorney has been sanctioned or had their license suspended.

The Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer you end up hiring to help fight for your case should have all of the qualities that matter to you and your case. They should have experience as well as compassion and understanding of your needs and concerns. With the right combination of both you will not only get an attorney you feel confident in, but one that will get you the results you want.

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