Effective Defense of a Los Angeles Shoplifting Offense

When you have been arrested for a Shoplifting Offense, there are many steps you can take to help lessen the consequences you may experience. You will give yourself the best fighting chances if you retain the services of a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney with over thirty years of experience understands how the court system works and is familiar with the Judges, clerks and prosecutors. This helps give you the edge you need to ensure you fight your case and work towards a dismissal or reduction of charges.

Most people do not understand that it is not the officers that press charges, it is the prosecutor. The officer’s sole job is to gather evidence after the commission of a crime, and present the evidence gathered to the prosecutor’s office. It is then up to the Prosecutor to make a determination as to whether there is sufficient facts to support a criminal offense.

In Los Angeles, there is an option called a Civil Compromise. A civil compromise allows a Los Angeles Criminal lawyer to negotiate with the legal department of the retailer from whom the item has been stolen in a shoplifting case. This allows the attorney to discuss any incidents, and make amends prior to any formal charges being filed. This then could possible result in a dismissal of the case altogether.

Some ways in which an attorney will negotiate a civil compromise would be by paying for the stolen merchandise in full. The person being potentially charged could also pay for any services required from security officers. Showing that the person who may have shoplifted is making diligent efforts to make amends, and to make the allegedly injured parties whole shows that there may not be a need to pursue formal charges.

Each case will differ in it’s ability to make full amends, and how willing the Court will be to dismiss the charges. For those with minimal or nonexistent criminal records will have a better chance of reduced charges. Similarly, for those cases in which the merchandise taken has a lower value, will have better chances of employing a good defense strategy.

Regardless of the specific facts of the case, a knowledgeable and experienced attorney has handled hundreds of shoplifting cases and is able to negotiate effectively and strategically to get the case dismissed before it is even filed. The experience they bring to the case can make a world of difference when it comes to the impact the case can have on your future.

There are immediate steps to be taken when you have been charged for shoplifting, and these steps must be taken swiftly. The attorney will act quickly to contact the retailer, to speak to their legal department and start working towards a resolution. These steps must be taken fast, before prosecutors have a chance to review the case and file formal charges. Attacking the facts of the case and the officer’s evidence at this period is the most beneficial for dismissal.

If you find yourself in this situation, do not hesitate. Take immediate acts to help save you from the consequences of formal charges. Contact an experience Los Angeles Criminal lawyer as soon as possible!

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