Do I Need to Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney or can a Public Defender do the Job Just as Well?

Public Defenders are attorneys that are provided to you by the government to assure that your rights are protected in a criminal trial when you are unable to afford an attorney to help defend you. It is your constitutional right to have legal representation so as to ensure you are given a fair trial and that you have a proper defense. It helps keeps the justice system in balance and assures that trials are no biased and defendants aren’t unfairly taken advantage of.

So then if you are given a public defender for little or no charge, then why hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney? Public Defenders are highly educated and professional attorneys who are not only knowledgeable in what they do, but are also greatly experienced with the ins and outs of the criminal court system. However, with the amount of people that cannot afford attorneys, Public Defenders are assigned hundreds, if not more, cases at a time. The time they have to dedicate to each case is vastly insignificant to the time a private criminal defense attorney can offer.

An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will only accept cases they have time for. That way they can dedicate the time and energy it takes to prepare a powerful defense for your case so that you get the outcome you desire. With a Criminal Defense attorney you can get a free consultation and sit down with the attorney to thoroughly discuss your case so that you are properly informed of all possible defenses and options. With the busy schedule of a Public Defender, you would barely be able to have a few moments on the phone to discuss your case, or several minutes prior to entering court.

Additionally, you may feel that Criminal Defense will cost you more than you can afford and therefore feel that your only option is a Public Defender. The attorneys at Hoffman and Associates understand that money is a problem, especially in this struggling economy. We provide affordable payment plans with no interest so that you can set up a plan that works for you and allows you to make payments without straining your budget. When choosing an attorney look at all benefits and costs, having the best representation that can dedicate the time and effort into getting your case dismissed or reduced is the best benefit of all.

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