Do I need an Attorney if I have a Juvenile California Criminal Case?

Although Juvenile court is structured differently from adult criminal court, it is a good idea to have an experienced California Criminal Defense attorney who is knowledgeable on the process of the juvenile court system and familiar with the Judges and Prosecutors.

Regardless of which court you are being tried in, you want to protect your Constitutional rights and want to obtain the best possible results for your case with minimal or no jail time. Juvenile court, in comparison to adult criminal court, emphasizes rehabilitation and treatment, not punishment. The goal is to help change the life path of the youth and hope that they make better decisions in the years to come. It is also to provide strong guidance and direction to a youth who is otherwise lost or in need of a positive influence. This goal can be achieved in many different ways, and is specific to each individual, not set by legislation.

Because the goal is to seek positive change, the final sentence given by a Judge is open to negotiation and leniency. Consequently, an attorney who has handled thousands of California juvenile cases knows exactly how to present the strengths of the case as well as the youth to obtain desirable results by all parties involved.

For example, our firm recently had a case in which a youth was facing time in a Detention Facility, and was being taken out of his home. Our attorneys compiled a report demonstrating the ability for the youth to obtain full rehabilitation and seek positive therapy. The Judge agreed and allowed the youth to remain at home and out of the Detention facility.

When there is room for leniency, and all parties involved want to see the same goal achieved, an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney can provide you with the best possible chance of obtaining that outcome!

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