Do I have to Appear in Court for My Los Angeles Criminal Case?

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you will receive a citation, or other document that states a date and location for an appearance in Court. This is not an optional appearance, but is mandatory.  Failing to appear could lead to your arrest and additional charges on top of the criminal charge you were ordered to appear on.

The failure to appear is in and of itself its own charge. That means you will not have one criminal charge that is the reason you have to appear in court in the first place, but you will also have a second charge. Further, because of a failure to appear, a bench warrant will be issued. A bench warrant means that you are wanted by the criminal court system. Officers my appear at your home or place of work and take you into custody. They could also arrest you if you are driving and they run your license plate. This is why it is important to appear in court when you are asked to, and to not avoid your responsibility.

If you retain a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney, then there is a high probability that the attorney will be able to appear on your behalf. There are a few exceptions in which the attorney may not; when it is a felony, when you are in custody, when there is a restraining order, and other situations the Judge deems appropriate for you to be physically present.

There are many benefits to retaining a Los Angeles Criminal Law professional. They can provide expert knowledgeable guidance that they have gained through experience. Not only experience in knowing the law, and how the criminal system works, but actual experience in the very courtroom your case is being heard. The attorneys at Hoffman & Associates have been practicing in the Los Angeles area for over thirty years. They know the Judges, the bailiffs, the prosecutors, and even the staff. This ensures that they are able to craft a defense that gives you the best possible change at dismissal or reduction of charges.

However, one of the biggest benefits our clients tell us is that they do not have to appear in court. It is a nerve-wracking experience when you get arrested, and causes anxiety and stress to get through the various stages of your case. On top of that, you have to take the day off of work, get to court early, figure out parking, and then figure out how to address and handle your case. When you have a Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer, that is none of your concern. We take the stress on your behalf. We know what to do in Court, we know how to handle your case, we know where to go and what time to appear. Further, attorneys get priority in Court, and can be in and out faster than you would be able to park your car.

If you are facing criminal charges, it is important to know that your appearance in court is NOT optional. You MUST be there, and on time. Help take the stress off of yourself, and retain a professional to do it for you!


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