Defenses in a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Case

For any criminal offense, there are available defenses and arguments to be made. Our Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer has over 30 years of experience and is knowledgeable not only in the criminal procedure and laws, but with the courtrooms all over Los Angeles County.

The defense available for your case will depend on what you have been charged with. For example, in a Los Angeles Hit and Run case, an available defense is that a person did attempt to leave contact information, but for some reason, that information was not relayed properly. It is the job of the Los Angeles Criminal lawyer to prepare evidence and argument that demonstrates to the court and prosecutors that their client did not commit a hit and run. This would reduce the case, or even dismiss it altogether.

The type of evidence gathered to prepare a defense will also depend on the type of case you have. In a Los Angeles DUI Case, the police report will be a crucial piece of the evidence to help prove that officers did not follow proper procedure, loopholes in the case, or shortcomings in the prosecutor’s case.

Witnesses will also be a crucial piece of your defense and argument. A legal professional will contact and investigate to find people who can help corroborate your side of the story. A lawyer will also go and see the scene as to where the alleged incident occurred to determine what happened and where there are weaknesses in the prosecutor’s argument.

Having a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney is the best defense you can have in your case. The attorney has the ability to proactively take steps to mitigate the consequences of your case, even helping move it towards dismissal. Our attorneys have been practicing in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. They know the courtrooms, the Judges and the prosecutors. This helps them tailor the best defense for your case knowing the Judge and prosecutors, and what facts they will respond to. They are able to call prosecutors before the case goes to court to obtain the necessary evidence and reports from prosecution and officers. They do not have to wait until court to be able to see it. This gives them the added benefit of reviewing the evidence prior to court and being able to prepare an argument prior to court.

Call our office for a free consultation today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. One visit with our experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer, and you will have the confidence you need in your case. You will have the support you need and can move forward with your case knowing that you are making the right decisions for your future. Having someone in your corner can give you the mental assurance that you need, and give you the best possible chances to have your case reduced or dismissed altogether. So don’t hesitate! Call today!

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