Changing the Prosecutor’s Viewpoint on Your Los Angeles Criminal Case

The prosecutor’s in Southern California see hundreds of cases a day and each comes before them with a preconceived notion regarding the person being charged. It is the job of an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney to not only change that biased perspective but to assure that the court sees you not as just another case number, but as a positive citizen of society.

You are allowed to represent yourself in court, but this may leave you vulnerable and inexperienced on what might prove to be a plea bargain worth considering and what could easily be reduced or dismissed with a strategic and well planned defense. When walking into court for your first appearance; the arraignment, the Prosecution has already determined what sentence they will recommend to the Judge based on the facts of your case. To them, you are just another member of society who has allegedly broken the rules and should therefore be penalized appropriately. This is the picture they will paint for the Judge.

What they do not see is all of the positive aspects of your life outside of the arrest. They do not come to learn about your background, your character and your achievements that come together to make you not just another case number, but a unique individual who might have made a mistake. A knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney is fully aware of all the different aspects of life that comprise an individual; it is not just the charge and specific facts of an incident.

The attorneys at Hoffman and Associates work hard to inform the Prosecution of your good background even before your first appearance in court. We gather letters and documents from friends, family and any extracurricular activities you may be a part of. In addition we recommend activities and education classes to attend so that the Judge can see you are serious about your case and have learned from your arrest. This leads to a much stronger chance of your case being dismissed or reduced. We have done it for thousands of clients, now lets us do it for you!

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