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When a person has been arrested for drug possession, the arresting officers will determine whether the charge will be drug possession, or drug possession with intent to sell. To make the determination, officers will look at the facts.

A simple drug possession charge, while taken seriously by courts, will yield a lesser penalty than when there is an intent to sell. Therefore, it is always better when the charge is just drug possession and the officers determine there is no intent to sell.

Officers will survey the situation, taking all things at the crime scene into account. Let’s take an example. Officers come into a person’s house and arrest them for drug possession. In the home there are many baggies or drugs, each measured in the same amount. There are also many scales scattered throughout the room and bundles of cash. It is safe to assume that the person charged was not only using drugs for their own possession, but had the intent to sell. The facts, measured bags, vast amounts of cash, indicate that the drugs were not simply for personal use.

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