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Often times when a person has committed a Hit and Run, they are afraid of the consequences. They tend to panic and make irrational choices that can get them into additional trouble. One of the most common things a person does that gets them into unnecessary trouble is to file a false statement to their insurance company.

California Penal Code §550 makes it unlawful “to do any of the following, or to aid, abet, solicit, or conspire with any person to do any of the following: (1) Knowingly present or cause to be presented any false or fraudulent claim for the payment of a loss or injury, including payment of a loss or injury under a contract of insurance.”

In an effort to avoid a Hit and Run charge, many people will file false claims with their insurance companies stating that their car has been stolen. What they do not realize is that in an effort to try to avoid a Hit and Run charge, they may be facing additional charges for making fraudulent claims to an insurance company.

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