Can you avoid Jail time like Paris Hilton for a Drug Offense?

On September 20, famous heiress Paris Hilton pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor drug possession charges in Las Vegas. The Judge sentenced her to 12 months of probation, mandatory attendance at a substance abuse program, a fine of $2,000 and 200 hours of community service.

No matter the charge, avoiding jail time is a significant concern for many people that are arrested. Most criminal offenses including, but not limited to, DUI, theft and drug possession, have in their statute a range of penalties that held guide the Criminal Judge in giving a sentence. Most include a range of jail time that may be imposed depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Prosecution recommends a sentence to the Judge based on the facts and discussions with the defense attorney.

You do not have to be a celebrity with a high paid lawyer to avoid jail time. An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer knows the Judges and Prosecution well and can prepare a powerful argument that will give you the best possible outcome.

The knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will prepare a strategic defense on your behalf that will focus on your positive attributes and present you to the Judge in the best possible light so that the Judge sees you as an honorable member of society. With over thirty years of practice and a remarkable reputation among the criminal courts of Southern California the attorneys at Hoffman and Associates can give you the star treatment without the outrageous prices.

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