Can I get sent back to Jail Like Lindsay Lohan for Violating my Probation?

Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared in the Beverly Hills courthouse on September 24, 2010 and was ordered to be taken into custody with no bail.

Ms. Lohan had spent two weeks in jail in this past August and several weeks at a Rehabilitation facility where she had made great strides in tackling her drug and alcohol addiction. Upon being released from the facility, as part of her probation she was ordered to provide the Court with random drug tests whenever requested. The actress, however, failed multiple drug tests in the week before her court appearance. As a result, the Judge took her into custody for her probation violation and set another hearing date for October 22, 2010. The Judge will then decide if Lohan had violated her probation and what the revised sentence will be.

When the Judge grants probation it should be taken very seriously. Your probationary period is a chance for the Judge to see that you have learned from your sentence and will not make the same mistake again. If you violate your probation you will have to appear before the Judge and he or she will decide the appropriate steps to be taken. Possible consequences may include an additional fine, extended probation or community service, and in many cases, mandatory jail time.

A probation violation hearing requires a court appearance. It may seem as if a probation hearing is not as important as the actual criminal hearing but this is not the case. It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. The hearing outcome can change your sentence and in some cases, like Ms. Lohan’s, order you to serve a mandatory jail sentence. If you violate your probation, you are no longer protected from avoiding jail. The Judge has the discretion to order any sentence he deems necessary. Protect your minimal sentence, take the proper steps to ensure that your probation violation hearing has the outcome you desire.

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