Can Any Attorney Represent Me In My Los Angeles Criminal Case?

Law school focuses on general legal education. Attorney’s do not receive specialized education in one area of law. However, because law school is only three years, all attorneys received general education in all the different areas.

Each area of law is very practice specific, not only in that field, but in the area in which the attorney practices. Each court and each county has its own specific rules as to procedure and practice. Certain cities are more lenient on certain thing in comparison to other counties and some Judges are more open to negotiation than others.

For example, a family law attorney is familiar with the family law forms and civil procedure. They are also familiar with the rules and practice procedures of Judges and clerks in Family Court. Criminal Court is a very different setting. It has its own set of rules and procedures. Also, a family law attorney would be present in family law court often throughout the week, whereas a criminal attorney would be in Criminal court.

Being in court frequently gives a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney the benefit of knowing the Judges and the clerks as well as each specific Judge’s preference. What is the benefit of experience?

Experience can get you the results you need in your Los Angeles Criminal case. If the attorney is familiar with the criminal court that your case is being heard, he or she will know what to bring to the Judge’s attention and they will also know when to push the case for further negotiation, or when to accept and offer.

Let’s consider an example. David has been charged with theft in the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles. His attorney is a regular in the courthouse and knows the Judge that David’s case is before. When prosecutors offer David a plea bargain for a misdemeanor theft charge, his attorney knows that if he pleads not guilty, the case will then be set for pre-trial and a new Judge will hear the case. David’s attorney also knows that the Pre-Trial Judge is a lot more lenient and open to negotiation. Based on David’s attorney’s experience and knowledge, as well as his reputation with the Court, David’s case will have better chances of being dismissed or reduced.

If you find yourself in this situation, take the time to research the attorneys you are considering hiring. Prioritize their experience, years of practice and their knowledge of not only the law, but the policies and procedures of the courthouse in which your case is being heard. It is important to speak to a few attorneys, but remember, the ultimate attorney you chose should be the one that has the most to offer towards your case.

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