California Reduces Identity Theft by Developing New Driver’s Licenses

When a person is caught using or forging a fraudulent ID a person can be charged under the California Penal Code 470a. This is a serious charge and can lead to potential jail time, fines, community service and probation. In an attempt to curb the growing numbers of violations, the California legislature has required a new driver’s license be issued to all residents renewing their licenses or getting a brand new one.

The new licenses feature hidden pictures, raised lettering and a see through state bear symbol. Additionally, all people under 21 will have a license that is vertical as opposed to the current horizontal card. This will make it easier for bartenders, bouncers and waitresses to quickly determine those that are underage. This will also help reduce the number of underage drinking arrests made.

With the new licenses it will become progressively harder and more difficult to create fraudulent cards. Consequently, prosecution will have a much easier time proving their case. An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney has handled Identity Theft cases for years and is extensively familiar with the law. Even with the new laws in place, the right attorney can make a powerful argument on your behalf so that you can have your case reduced or dismissed.

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