Benefits of Obtaining a Civil Compromise in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Case

Sometimes before you are charged with a Los Angeles Hit and Run, the police department will send you a letter. The letter will inform you that there is an investigation against you for a Hit and Run and will invite you to come to the police department for questioning. This may seem routine, especially if you believe you did not do anything, but it is still an interrogation. You should have a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer present with you when you go to the police department.

At this point in the process, you have not been charged with a Hit and Run and are certainly not guilty of the charge. This is just the investigation point and will require officers to put together evidence, and prepare a report to present to the prosecutors. The prosecutors will then review the report and evidence and make a decision as to whether there is enough to file formal charges against you.

This stage of the process is very crucial, because it can set a precedent for your case. It is also extremely important that you consult with an hire a Los Angeles Hit and Run attorney as soon as possible to guide you through this process. At this crucial juncture, any questioning, or actions taken by you can either lead to a dismissal of any potential charges, or it can lead to a full blown trial.

A Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer who has over thirty years or experience and is well versed in Hit and Run charges will immediately contact officers and obtain evidence and information that has been gathered against you. Officers who have an amicable and continuous relationship with criminal defense attorneys usually provide the information needed and are able to communicate easily with attorneys. This is the benefit of having an attorney who is experienced and knows the various police departments in the county. Officers are rarely cooperative with a layperson looking to get information.

Once information and evidence has been gathered and reviewed, the attorney will discuss options of restitution. This means they will contact the party who has been injured by the alleged hit and run, or whose property has been damaged and assess the financial amount needed to make the person “whole”. In other words, what loss did the person suffer, and how can we make amends for that loss. Once determined the attorney will start the process to fix the issue and once completed ask the person to enter into a civil compromise. The civil compromise will then be presented to the prosecutors in an effort to deter the prosecutors from filing formal charges, efficiently dismissing any investigations against you.

The beginning stages of a potential hit and run charge are crucial and should be taken very seriously. Do not hesitate to contact an expert as soon as possible to give yourself the best fighting chance to get your case dismissed!

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