Benefits of a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney for your Criminal Case

When you hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney, you make the best possible decision you can for your case, and for your future. When faced with criminal charges, you have not yet been convicted, you have merely been charged. This means that the court feels that there is a high probability you have committed a crime, but until you enter a plea of guilty, or are found guilty, you have not been convicted. The earlier you retain counsel, and take a proactive stance on your case, the more likely your case may be dismissed or reduced.

There are some significant benefits to hiring a Criminal attorney, rather than doing it yourself. All of the benefits come together to ensure your best possible outcome, and to help keep your peace of mind.

Court Appearances

On most misdemeanor cases, when you have an attorney, you do not need to appear in Court, the attorney can appear on your behalf. Imagine the stress and hassle it would take to appear in Court on your own behalf. You do not know or understand the criminal justice system, you do not know who to talk to, what to say, and whether you are accepting a good deal with prosecutors or are being convinced to accept a bad one.

You would have to take the day off of work, deal with being in Court all day, and having the stress of making decisions you do not thorough understand. In addition, lots of people want the case to be over and will accept a plea bargain that resolves the case right away. The problem is, they are not aware of the long term effects this quick decision may have on their future. A lawyer does understand the process, and will make a careful decision after having discussed all aspects of the case with you, drawing from knowledge and experience in that specific courtroom.


A lawyer who practices in your county for over thirty years has the knowledge and expertise to handle the criminal law aspects of your case without a problem. But they also have personal connections with the Judges, clerks, officers and prosecutors that are on your case. After having practiced in the same county for a long time, they are able to get a hold of the people they need to negotiate with, without a problem. They can get through, whereas a layperson may never get a call back. They know each specific person’s weakness and strength and can present the case in such a manner that it results in effective negotiations.

There are many benefits to having a Criminal Defense lawyer in your corner, these are just some of the biggest ones at the onset of your case. If you want the best possible results for your case, do not hesitate, speak to a professional as soon as possible. They can help guide you through this difficult time and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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