Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Before Your Case Starts

If you have been arrested for suspicion of having committed a criminal offense, you have not yet been charged. The officer who arrested you will prepare a report and provide it to the Prosecutor’s office. Prosecutors will then review the information and determine if a case should be opened, and then you will be formally charged.

Waiting to hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer until you have been formally charged is not a good plan. There are many things you can do to help prevent the charges from being filed in the first place, but you have to act quickly. An experienced Los Angeles Criminal Attorney has years of experience in preventing charges from being filed, and successfully defending cases in Court. As such, the attorney knows the right strategy to take to help give your case the best possible chance of being dismissed.

An attorney can contact the police department and speak to the officers about your case. It is harder for a person who does not have a working relationship with the officers or Prosecutors to contact them and to discuss the details of a specific case. It is also inadvisable because it may lead to statements that could later be used against you in Court. Having an attorney will not only allow the attorney to contact the police department more efficiently, it will also help prevent any incriminating statements from being made.

An attorney may also proactively prepare a Civil Compromise of a comparable agreement that demonstrates to the Prosecutors that restitution has been made and that any victims do not wish to press charges, as their concerns have been addressed.

Evidence is generally transferred from the police department to the Prosecutor’s office. The Prosecutors will review that evidence to make a determination as to whether there is enough evidence to support a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. This evidence is generally not made available to the person being charged until they appear in Court at their . A knowledgeable attorney is able to obtain the evidence prior to any charges, or appearances in Court.

Being able to review the evidence beforehand allows the attorney to investigate and speak to witnesses prior to entering any type of plea and potentially even before charges are filed. They can assess the weaknesses and the shortcomings in the Prosecutor’s case. This evidence would not be available to you alone without the help of an attorney. It is difficult to get through to the Prosecutor’s office, let alone fill out all the proper paperwork to obtain the potential evidence against you.

If you find yourself facing an arrest and potential criminal charges, do not hesitate in finding a lawyer to represent you. It could make a huge difference to your future and could mean the dismissal of a case before it even begins. You need the knowledge and experience of a good Los Angeles Criminal Defense lawyer on your side.

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