Benefits of a Civil Compromise in a Los Angeles Hit and Run Case

If you have been arrested for a Hit and Run, you have not yet been convicted. A conviction can only be made after the Court has made a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, or you have entered a plea of guilty or no contest.

Once a conviction has been made, it will go on your permanent record. You will then have to report it on applications for employment, for school and other institutions that require it. In addition, there will be a sentence that you will have to comply by. It can involve a fine, jail time, and probation. Once a sentence has been issued, you must complete the terms or you may be issued a bench warrant for failure to comply.

Fortunately, there are potential ways to avoid a conviction. The first step is to consult with a Los Angeles Hit and Run lawyer. A legal professional will have the knowledge and expertise to assess your case for potential defenses and weaknesses as well as provide a strong compelling argument in your favor.

One such method employed by successful Los Angeles attorneys is to enter into a civil compromise. A skilled attorney will take proactive action to enter into a civil compromise which can provide the Court a compelling reason to dismiss the Hit and Run charges against you.

In a civil compromise the attorney negotiates with the injured party to make restitution. For example, if a person’s fence was damaged during the alleged Hit and Run, the attorney will speak to the owner of the fence and arrange for adequate restitution to be paid. The owner can then get the fence fixed. This is referred to as a civil compromise. The attorney will then use this compromise in Court to persuade the prosecutor that there is no need to press charges since the injured party has been paid and there is no more damage.

A Civil Compromise is highly beneficial to the person being charged and can have a significant impact on the charges, including a full dismissal. If a civil compromise is argued successfully, then a person can enjoy the following benefits:

Avoid Conviction

If your case is dismissed there will be no charges against you. You will not have to state anything on applications that ask if you have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. Avoiding a conviction is a huge benefit. There will be no sentencing.

Avoid Probation

Probation is generally issued in a criminal case. It can be any period of time but is generally a three year period. During that three year period you are required to comply fully by the terms issued, any violations can result in a second criminal charge.

Avoid Fines

If you the civil compromise is successfully negotiated, you will avoid having to pay any fines or restitution. A court will not require you to do so if the charges are dismissed.

No Expungement

If you have not been convicted, there is no need to seek expungement after your probationary period is over. This is significant as it will save you additional time and expense.

If you are facing a Los Angeles Hit and Run charge, do yourself a big favor and seek the help of a Los Angeles attorney as soon as possible. This will give you the best chance of negotiating a successful civil compromise and in turn having the charges against you dismissed.

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