The Advantages of a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney in your Criminal Case

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you have the right to an attorney. This right is a very important one and is guaranteed to each and every person charged with an offense in the United States. The criminal justice system is complicated, it is complex and afford many great protections to persons being charged. However, unless you are an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Criminal Defense attorney, you may be confused and even frustrated with the whole situation.

A legal professional has the reputation and the education to be able to make the entire process much easier and stress free for someone who is awaiting a Judgment. There are many ways in which an attorney can help.

  1. Readily available defenses

As a person who is not familiar with the criminal defense system, you would not be aware of all the available defenses to you, and what evidence will need to be presented. A Criminal lawyer has handled hundred and hundreds of criminal cases such as yours and will know exactly what defenses will be strong for your case and which ones will be weaker. They will know how to play up the evidence in your favor and what to argue to get you the most favorable result.

  1. Speak on your behalf

Anything you say to authorities or in Court can be used against you. You are afforded the right to remain silent under the United States Constitution. An attorney can speak for you, and anything they say cannot be used as admissions against you. An attorney can also be present while you are being questioned and guide you on what you should and should not answer. Let’s consider an example:

Dina has been stopped for a routine traffic violation. Officers ask her if she has any drugs in her possession. Dina does not want to lie and she wants to cooperate so she says she may have some marijuana. Officers immediately arrest her and take her into custody. Dina hires a lawyer who is immediately present when officers further question Dina. However, this time her attorney directs her not to answer any further questions. Prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence without further solid confessions from Dina, and cannot present such a weak case.

  1. Negotiations

Prosecutors deal with hundreds and hundreds of persons being charged. If they were to speak individually to each person, they would have no time to actually be in court for these cases. This is why there is rarely any negotiations with a lay person and a prosecutor prior to a hearing. All negotiations and discussions are done in court the very same day a party is to enter a plea. However, an experienced Criminal Defense lawyer has a working relationship with the prosecutors as they are in court often and are familiar with each prosecutor. The attorney can call the prosecutor in advance of a hearing and skillfully negotiate a bargain before even stepping foot into a courtroom. This way the person being charged can rest easy that their case is being worked on, know what to expect before their attorney goes to court, and have time to think about the offer and how they want to proceed.

There are many benefits to having a Los Angeles Criminal Defense professional in your corner. It is highly recommended that you hire one to represent you!

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